more about me!

I passed my motorcycle test many years ago when tests were so much simpler back then when you could jump on a 250cc bike with ‘L’ plates and no training ‐ unlike many of my era, I survived to tell the tale.
Around 15 years ago I passed my I.A.M advanced riding and went on to qualify to train other bikers to help them pass the same test. I went on to achieve my RoSPA Gold advanced award, which today is the highest advanced motorcycle qualification awarded to a member of the public.
My interest in teaching motorcycling skills increased and so I took the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) instructor qualification and started teaching advanced skills commercially.


In December 2011 I opened my own training school teaching CBT and DAS (full licence) courses and to date have helped hundreds of students achieve CBTs, Full licence and advanced qualifications.

Because of my customer service background (ex cabin crew and instructor), I have never lost sight of the importance of treating my clients with respect and helping them to achieve their goals.